How do I give my NFT Attributes?

Attributes are a very helpful way to keep track of your NFT’s traits, particularly in a generative collection where every piece has common characteristics that can vary in appearance and rarity. Attributes act as descriptors for an NFT. They consist of three pieces of information-- the trait_type, value, and display_type.
Trait_type can be thought of as a name for what your attribute is describing. For example, if you are describing the eyes for a generative NFT that could have one of several eye colors, “eyes” could be an appropriate trait_type for that attribute.
Value describes the value of the attribute. In the above example, you could have an attribute with the trait_type of “eyes” and the value of “green” to describe an NFT with green eyes. You can also add a value with no associated trait_type.
Display_type does not update anything in Holaplex-- it acts as a parameter for candy machines. It is optional and safe to leave blank for the purpose of minting an NFT on Holaplex.
To give your NFT attributes, simply click the Create Attribute button on the Describe Your NFT page during the creation process. Enter the attribute’s value and display_type (if applicable). You can give an NFT multiple attributes. An NFT’s attributes should be visible in its item description after it has been created.
You can check more articles in the help center and view video tutorials for help.