What Types of NFTs Can I Mint with Holaplex?

Holaplex supports master editions, limited editions, and open editions when creating NFTs.
To create a single master edition when minting an NFT in Holaplex, type “0” as its maximum supply on the Describe Your Item page. This will ensure the NFT has no opportunities to create editions or copies. Master edition NFTs must be sold as existing items-- they cannot be sold through limited or open edition auctions.
To create multiple editions, or copies, of an NFT, type the number of editions you would like to create as the maximum supply on the Describe Your Item page (example: “1” or “10”). Holaplex has a current maximum of 500 limited editions per NFT. As long as you set the maximum number of editions to something other than 0, Holaplex will give you the option to mint more editions (up to the maximum number that you specified on creation). Creating editions will create a master NFT as well; it just ensures that copies of that NFT can be made. Viewing the item page for an NFT with editions will show a button that says Mint on the right-hand side. You can mint copies by clicking this button and sell them individually, or run a sale type that supports multiple editions such as limited edition or tiered auctions. You can also sell the master edition of an NFT with editions enabled; this will sell the master edition and give the new owner the right to mint copies (again, up to the number you have specified).
Leaving the maximum supply textbox blank during NFT creation enables an infinite supply, meaning you can mint as many copies as you want. This is helpful for things like open edition auctions and participation NFTs.
You can tell if a piece is a master edition or not by looking at its description, under Edition. Master editions are denoted with the phrase Master 0, while editions are denoted with phrases such as 1/1 (or 1/10, 1/30, depending on how many editions were created).
You can check more articles in the help center and view video tutorials for help.