How to Mint on Holaplex

Minting NFTs with Holaplex is extremely simple and straightforward! 1. Navigate to
2. Connect the wallet of the Profile that you want mint the NFTs.
3. Drag up to 10 files to be minted into NFTs at a time on the next screen.
**Supported file types: jpg, png, gif, mp4, mov, mp3, wav, flac, glb, pdf**
4. Add Info to the NFT and checkout Minting Parametersor How do I give my NFT Attributes? for more information on minting.
5. On the next page set your royalties percentage as well as the creator percentage split.
6. Additionally, you can set the type of NFT whether 1 of 1 Master, Limited, or Unlimited.
7. Confirm everything looks right and confirm transactions.
8. Congratulations! You just minted an NFT using Holaplex!!