Why should I use Holaplex?

Holaplex is 100% open-source and it will always be. This means that anyone can see the code that Holaplex runs on and even contribute to it. Thus, you can always be sure that there aren’t any malicious code running on Holaplex, and your valuable NFTs are always safe.
Other closed-source marketplaces require you to trust that they will keep your assets safe. They also require you to trust that they are storing your assets fairly, rather than on a wallet which can be compromised at any time. On Holaplex, there are no single-point-of-failures. As strong believers of the Open-Source ethos, everything we build is always open-source, and developers are always welcome to contribute to our code.
You don’t need any permission to create a store, a marketplace or your profile on Holaplex. Holaplex is permissionless. Gates are a thing of the past, and while we ensure that everything adheres to our community standards and our community decides by reporting whether a store is selling stolen art, or the likes, you don’t need anyone’s permission to get started on Holaplex. Everything is safe, smooth and just a click away!
Holaplex also has an excellent support team and a strong community that is always ready to help if you need any assistance to get started. As creators ourselves, we understand that the world of Web3 and NFTs can be complicated, or overwhelming even, but we’re always a DM, a discord message, or an email away for all those times when you need any assistance.
Thus, Holaplex provides a level of freedom and trust that is unparalleled in the industry.
We have everything you need to get started on your journey as a creator on Web3, and there are always more features coming along the way.